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8 Electric Car Service Questions

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Charging


If you currently own an EV, or you’re interested in making the switch to an EV like the EQS, you may have many questions about the ins and outs of electric car service. The service team at Mercedes-Benz of Rochester has created this guide to answer popular questions about electric car maintenance. Then, when your EV is due for routine maintenance or repairs, simply schedule an appointment at our service facility near Troy!

1. Do Electric Cars Need Oil?

Because electric cars run solely only electricity, they do not need oil changes. Traditional gas-powered vehicles with combustion engines need oil to operate properly because the oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine. In turn, if there’s no engine, there’s no need for motor oil.

Important Note: Hybrid vehicles operate via an electric battery and a combustion engine, so they do require regular oil changes like gas-powered cars. 

2. Do Electric Cars Have Horsepower?

EVs do have horsepower, but it’s not always measured as “horsepower.” Some automakers measure the power of their EVs as “KW,” but there isn’t much of a difference between the two. When you Google search “kw to hp,” you’ll see a converter at the top of the page that will tell you how much horsepower an EV produces in KW. 

3. Do Electric Cars Have a Transmission?

Yes, electric cars do have transmissions, but they don’t need transmissions with multiple speeds like a 6-speed or an 8-speed. Internal combustion engines need several gears with different gear ratios to output power. Electric motors produce the same amount of torque, regardless of RPM within a specific range. Because EVs produce power immediately, generating torque through revving isn’t necessary. Gear ratios are precalculated and carefully integrated, so drivers don’t have to change gears. 

4. Do Electric Cars Have Alternators?

EVs nor hybrids have alternators. Instead, they have a DC-to-DC converter which recharges the 12-volt battery using power from the battery pack. 

5. Do Electric Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

No, electric cars don’t need catalytic converters. The role of catalytic converters is to 

 remove the byproducts of internal combustion engines. Since EVs don’t have these types of engines, catalytic converters aren’t necessary. 

6. Do Electric Cars Have Exhaust Systems? 

Electric cars don’t have exhaust pipes, and they don’t produce exhaust gases since they don’t burn fuel to operate. 

7. Do Electric Cars Have Heaters/Do Electric Cars Have Air Conditioning? 

Electric cars do have heaters and air conditioning. It’s important to keep in mind that the design/efficiency of these systems is important to the range of the vehicle. 

8. Do Electric Cars Last Longer Than Gas Cars? 

Rochester drivers of gas-powered cars will be able to note their advantages such as they can travel further on a single fill-up, and it’s easier for them to replace parts when they wear out. On the other hand, EVs can last longer with fewer repairs. Even though electric cars still need regular maintenance, because of their lack of moving parts, their lifespans are increased. 

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Rochester for Electric Car Service 

If you need electic car service, or if you have any additional questions about EV maintenance, reach out to service experts at Mercedes-Benz of Rochester today! Our certified technicians are dedicated to keeping our customers’ automobiles in excellent condition. What’s more, we also offer service specials to keep your electric car service budget-friendly. 


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