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They don’t merely perform. They endure.

When you purchase a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a high-quality and precision-engineered machine. Therefore, if you want to add extra style to turn even more heads around Troy or you like to tackle DIY auto projects in your own Rochester garage, you’ll want to opt for Mercedes-Benz OEM parts and accessories. Our genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories are made to last and perform well over time.

Opt for genuine OEM parts from our auto parts store and you can rest assured that you’re getting something that will stand the test of time. Mercedes-Benz OEM parts and accessories have been engineered specifically for your car and can fit like no other parts can. Order genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories today from the Mercedes-Benz of Rochester auto parts store!

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Maximum savings. Minimal footprint.

Looking for genuine parts that aren’t brand new? You should also consider remanufactured Mercedes-Benz parts. They can often provide a reduced price point but yield the same quality that brand new Mercedes-Benz parts may have. By using them for repairs and replacements, you can maintain your vehicle’s performance and value at considerable savings, plus reduce environmental impact.

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Why Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts?

You might be tempted to opt for aftermarket parts on your Sterling Heights daily commute. However, this isn’t recommended because Mercedes-Benz OEM parts and accessories have been created to meet high-quality standards. They follow the same standards of the parts that have been originally made for your vehicle. Longevity, safety, and warranty are just a few of many reasons to buy Genuine Parts.



Every detail engineered for endurance

Being history’s first car company has afforded us the time and expertise to instill durability into our parts. For example, our fleece oil filter lasts up to 45% longer than conventional filters, minimizing engine wear. If you want parts that have been engineered for endurance, visit the Mercedes-Benz of Rochester parts department today.

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45% Longer Life


CLS Coupe




Parts that leave hard knocks knocking elsewhere

Genuine Mercedes-Benz braking systems are built to integrate seamlessly with safety features like our Acceleration Skid Control, Antilock Braking System, Brake Assist, and Electronic Stability Program (ESP®), maximizing the ability of the parts and systems to work together and minimizing the risk of malfunction. Many shoppers opt for Mercedes-Benz vehicles to keep them safe on Rochester Hills roads and using genuine OEM parts is a great way to ensure that the safety factor is still at top of mind.

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Brakes engineered for ESP® and ASC



Coverage down to the last coil-spring.

Rest assured knowing Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts are fully covered by our Parts Limited Warranty for up to four years. This benefit comes on top of any prior warranty and/or prepaid maintenance plans. The same can’t always be said for aftermarket parts from other third parties.

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50,000-mile replacement engine coverage

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