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Mercedes-Benz Electric Car Battery Life Expectancy

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE an all-electric sedan

Thinking over buying a Mercedes-Benz EV? One of the most common questions we get about Mercedes-Benz EVs is, “How long does a Mercedes-Benz battery last?” It’s understandable to have questions about EV batteries, as range anxiety causes doubts in EVs for drivers.



We’re happy to say that EVs are only getting better and better each year, and those concerns about range anxiety have dimished quite a bit thanks to improved technologies. As is, electric car battery life expectancy sits roughly between 10 to 20 years! And as time goes by, we only expect even longer EV battery life. Learn more about EV batteries below before applying for financing with us!

Why Is Mercedes-Benz Battery Lifespan Important?

EVs have less moving pieces, but the battery in each EV plays a critical role in the functioning of your vehicle. Batteries can also be pricey if they need to be replaced compared to the typical car battery since they’re much larger and play an even more important role in your EV. But just as it’s well-expected that EV batteries will only get better and better, it’s forecasted that these battery costs will decline over time as technologies continue to develop. Mercedes-EQ electric vehicles are also protracted by an 8-year Battery Certificate that can assist you if you need a battery replacement.

How to Maximize Your Electric Car Battery Life Expectancy

Warranties are solid ways to drive with pleace of mind, but we think it’s also a good idea to keep these tips in mind to help improve and maintain your Mercedes-Benz battery lifespan:

  1. Charge your vehicle only as needed and try to keep its charge range between 20%-80%. You don’t want to consistently drive your EV with a low battery or charge it when it doesn’t really need a good charging.
  2. Try to keep your EV parked in a garage or shaded area if you’re able to. Extreme weather conditions can have an effect on your EV and reduce your battery’s overall capacity over time.
  3. DC fast charging is great, but using it too often and too quickly can degrade your battery over time. These chargers are very convenient, but try to use them less often or only when needed. We always recommend a dedicated home charger for ease, reliability, and a healthier electric car battery life expectancy.

Learn More About EVs & Mercedes-Benz Battery Lifespan Today

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Rochester in Rochester Hills to learn more about EV batteries. Our team is ready to help you find a great Mercedes-Benz EV for you and help you set up your new at-home charging station. Contact us online or call us at (248) 652-3800 today! We also offer a great variety of new vehicle specials and national offers.


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