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Why Is My Car Overheating?

Overheating Car Engine


You are taking care of business in Sterling Heights and then all of sudden smoke starts to appear from under the hood of your new vehicle. You’re likely going to wonder, “Why is my car overheating?” Read this guide from the Mercedes-Benz of Rochester service team to learn what causes a car to overheat and what to do when a car overheats.



What Causes a Car to Overheat?

A vehicle overheating is a sign of an underlying issue. Drivers wondering, “What causes a car to overheat,” should consider the following:

  • Cooling system leak – A cooling system leak is most likely what’s causing your car to overheat. Cooling system components like the head gasket are extremely vulnerable to leaks.
  • Coolant – An uneven coolant to water ratio and inappropriate coolant for your engine will cause overheating.
  • Coolant hose blockage – Dirt and debris can easily get in your cooling system on Troy roads, which can cause blockages in the coolant hose.
  • Radiator – Blockage or radiator fan defects can contribute to an overheated car.
  • Water Pump – The water pump pushed engine coolant throughout the cooling system. A leaked pump or a defected pump shaft can contribute to overheating.

What to Do When a Car Overheats

Now that you know what can cause a car to overheat, what you should you do if your car starts to overheat? The steps provided below will are recommended:

  • If you’re using your air conditioning, turn it off and run the heater at full capacity.
  • When you’re able to pull over, wait 30 minutes to pop your hood if you would like to inspect your engine.
  • Contact the nearest towing service to pick your car up and bring it to your preferred Rochester area mechanic.

Receive Exceptional Service at Mercedes-Benz of Rochester

If you are wondering, “Why is my car overheating?” the guide above provides straightforward steps to get your car back in good shape. If you have any additional maintenance questions, our manufacturer-certified technicians are happy to help and will let you notify about our limited-time service specials. Contact us today for more information, or stop by our service center near Sterling Heights! Interested in more of our service tips and tricks? Learn more about what it means when your car is leaking water.


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